How I Grew to 1M YouTube Subscribers in Medical School - Kharma Medic

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A lot of the time we can find ourselves on this hamster wheel of trying to optimise every waking hour of our days, hyper-focused on time and paranoid about how the decisions we make today will influence our future selves. But ultimately the hamster wheel just keeps on spinning when we don’t take a moment to slow down, reflect and enjoy the moment.

Nasir Kharma is a medical student King’s College London, best known for his YouTube Channel, Kharma Medic, where he talks about studying, productivity and what it’s like being a med student. In the conversation we chat about how he started his channel and began to play the YouTube game, how his time in therapy has shifted his thinking around time management and how we’ve been thinking about what it means to live a meaningful life recently.

Season 2 Episode 11

00:00 Coming up...
02:05 How did you get here?
07:57 What study tips did you wish you knew earlier?
08:56 Deciding on your career
12:25 Starting your YouTube channel
20:25 What was your strategy for growth on YouTube?
30:16 Your goals and motivations for YouTube
38:17 Medicine vs YouTube
43:33 Finding meaning at work
50:45 Making decisions
54:19 Starting therapy
57:32 Changing your relationship with time management
01:02:00 Hustling vs overworking
01:05:44 Lessons from therapy
01:17:22 Relationships and privacy online

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