How he REVERSED Crohn's Disease with the Carnivore Diet!

The Plant Free MD Series | Episode 34 | Scotty Brizzle

In this episode Dr. Chaffee and Simon chat with comedian Scotty Brizzle who has recently gone strict carnivore and has overcome a lifetime of sickness.

Scotty has suffered from joint issues, gut issues, vitiligo, persistent diarrhea, anxiety and depression. He was brought up on highly processed foods and was the kid who brought 1.5L bottles of Coca Cola to school sport…

Scotty is an amazing storyteller and really brings the energy. You’re going to love this one.

Topics discussed:
Gut health and Crohn’s
Morphine in dairy
The WEF’s plan for a tax on meat
Methane myths
Regenerative farming
Faces Of Death movie
What happens when you have plant foods on carnivore
Eating pork and chicken on carnivore
Introducing fish on carnivore
How often we all eat
Eating bull testicles

*We had a problem with the internet connection at the 19 minute mark so it cuts out but we get straight back into it.

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