HoowAllazi Khalakaqum | A Surah Of Quran, A Cure For Every Disease | Har Bemari Ka Illaj Surah

This is the title of the video "HoowAllazi Khalakaqum | A Surah Of Quran, A Cure For Every Disease | Har Bemari Ka Illaj Surah"

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Today's Video is about a Surah of Holy Quran which is Surah Inaam. Allah Almighty gives man the cure for this disease ... Sometimes healing is achieved for some apparent reason. And sometimes the sick get cured without any reason ... But it is important to remember ... That only Allah Almighty gives healing ... Who is besides Allah? Who could heal
Remember that treatment is not forbidden ... But before treatment, it is necessary ... That according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet, one should try to treat oneself with these things. In which the Beloved of Allah has declared healing ...
Remember that Allah Almighty Himself declared the Holy Quran as healing for the believers. Rather, he said ... That We have sent down this Qur'an as a healing and a mercy for the believers...
The Wazifa is to Recite the Surah once a day and Tale on water for 40 days Regularly and to drink the Water. So, By doing that Allah Almighty Belsses the man with cure who do this Wazifa with true belief and faith in Allah Almighty. In-Sha-Allah!


Important Notice :
All the clips are our own in this video. Which I created all videos from my mobile camera. All designing and editing is of itself. And every video has its own script and has a commentary in my voice. In human sound Our goal is to provide good information on different topics.and want to healing people with my words and Wazaif.

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