Home Remedies for Dengue Fever| Symptoms| Treatment| Explained

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▪ Dengue fever is on the rise, thanks to the hot and humid weather conditions. Dengue fever is one of the worst viral infections that affect millions of people every year. The fact that there is no medical treatment for the disease makes the scenario worst. However, there are certain remedies that you can follow which will help you prevent as well as cure dengue fever.

▪ Dengue Fever also known as “break-bone fever”, a patient may display the warning signs of dengue fever. Approximately 80% of the people who contact the disease show mild symptoms and only 5 % show severe symptoms of dengue and 1% cases may prove to be fatal.

▪ Dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock are the two serious types of fever that may prove to be fatal. During dengue hemorrhagic fever, patients face bleeding and severe decline in their platelet count. Dengue shock results in plunging of blood pressure which can prove to be fatal.

▪ Symptoms of Dengue Fever:
- Decrease in temperature - Severe abdominal pain - Rapid breathing
- High fever - Persistent vomiting - Restlessness - Lethargy
- Liver enlargement

▪ Some of the popular and effective home remedies you can follow in case of dengue fever:
- Drink sufficient Water - Juice of Papaya Leaves - Basil Leaves
- Neem Leaves - Orange Juice - Methi Leaves - Turmeric

0:00 - intro
0:25 - Dengue Fever(Break-bone Fever)
0:43 - Types of Dengue Fever
1:02 - Symptoms of Dengue Fever
1:22 - Dengue Fever Home Remedies
2:01 - Papaya Leaves Juice for Dengue Fever
2:39 - Basil Leaves for Dengue Fever
3:07 - Neem Leaves for Dengue Fever
3:26 - Orange Juice for Dengue Fever
3:58 - Methi Leaves for Dengue Fever
4:23 - Turmeric for Dengue Fever

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