Hilary Mantel, Zappa track or ad slogan and the day Beefheart sold Aldous Huxley a vacuum-cleaner

In powerful pursuit of amusement and distraction we aim the piercing supertrouper of scrutiny this week in the direction of …

… why Ry Cooder MUST write a memoir

… records that sounded like nothing you’d ever heard before, eg the Message by Grandmaster Flash and Donna Summer’s I Feel Love

... nighttime footage of the State Funeral rehearsal

… why ‘Delhi Crime’ on TV makes the Wire’s Baltimore look like Stoke Poges

… dinner with the “fantastically indiscreet” Tony King

… why Hilary Mantel was such a phenomenal writer – and an extract that demonstrates it

… the return of the Stackwaddy game: James Brown/Frank Zappa track or advertising slogan?

… Beefheart selling Aldous Huxley a vacuum cleaner

Plus … birthday patron Ed Newman beams in from his shift at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary with thoughts about Ravel’s Bolero, Dylan and Beatles podcasts and an inspired music book idea with a medical twist that someone must – MUST! – publish!

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