High Protein Sattu Energy Bites / Ladoo Recipe for Weight Loss | Instant Healthy Indian Snack

In todays episode of fit food flavors, we have brought you up summer friendly energy bars, enriched with the goodness of protein, nice micronutrient profile, and cooling properties. High Protein Sattu Energy Bites / Ladoo Recipe for Weight Loss.Instant Healthy Indian Snack.
Here is another interesting, sweet, and nutritious “Sattu” recipe. Sattu is one of the prominently used ingredient in summers due to its beneficial cooling properties. These “Sattu Energy Bites” can be a treat for those who have a sweet tooth. These bars are high on energy, brilliant in taste, and can be consumed guilt free in moderation. This is one of my favourite mid meal snack recipe that I can rely onto if nothing is available in hand.

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