HGV | LGV Licence changes - Car to Class 1 training?

Can I go from a car licence to a Class 1 Lorry? Well, yes, now you can! But will the HGV driver test changes help fix the LGV driver shortage?... https://www.nationaldrivingcentre.co.uk/

The government have now confirmed that as of November 15th 2021 you will no longer have to pass a DVSA driving test on a Category C | Class 2 lorry before progressing up to the Class 1 | C+E course. HUGE LEGISLATION CHANGE! Last time something like this changed in the law was 1997 when it did the exact reverse. The Category C | Class 2 was put in to create the staged approach, that step up, to the much larger Class 1 | C+E.
Why? Because the accident rate was so high! Now the roads are busier and vehicles are larger, will the same happen again? Time will tell…

‘Do I still have to reverse on my LGV driving test? I’ve heard the reversing manoeuvre has been removed?’

Yes the reverse is still part of the lorry test! But that has changed too…

The Government / DVSA from November 15th 2021 is allowing training providers to conduct the reversing manoeuvre and the trailer drop (couple / uncouple) instead of them having to do it as part of the HGV driving test. The DVSA will now only be present and conduct the out on road drive.

These seismic changes in the LGV industry will massively affect your HGV training and provide you with a decision to make what lorry driving course you take and why. This video weighs up all options and what National Driving Centre are doing to keep training future lorry drivers to a high and safe standard. Enjoy!
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