Hepatitis- Its Types, Causes, Prevention, & Treatment

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated to make people aware and informed about this life-threatening disease, its prevention, and vaccination. There are 5 different types of Hepatitis, from A to E. Hepatitis A & E are caused by consumption of dirty water, and contaminated food, whereas Hepatitis B, C, and D are caused in the bloodstream by blood transfusion, unsterilized needles, piercings, and tattoos, which can lead to Chronic Liver Diseases, Liver Failure, & Liver Cancer.

Pakistan has the highest number of Hepatitis patients. Our goal is to mitigate this infection with the help of WHO by 90%, which will result in a decrease of 65% of annual deaths caused solely by Hepatitis. 

Shifa International Hospital encourages everyone to take the vaccine and stay healthy and safe.

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