Hepatitis B Virus Treatment Guidelines, Serology, Symptoms (Acute & Chronic), Medicine Lecture USMLE

Hepatitis B Virus Treatment Guidelines, Serology, Symptoms (Acute & Chronic), Medicine Lecture USMLE
In this video on hepatitis b treatment and management guidelines i have talked in detail about serology diagnosis and treatment of hep b virus according to aasld guidelines. Hepatitis b virus is a very high yield topic for nurses doctors and all medical students appearing in usmle exams, Symptoms acute vs chronic as well as the transmission of hepatitis b virus have been discussed in detail.NCLEX nursing exams as well as usmle exams contains many questions regarding hepatitis b treatment and symptoms.This video is a medicine lecture in accordance with the usmle & NCLEX course.

Serology Chart Credits: @MedWay- Dr. Asim Abbas
Contributions by : Dr. Tabish Ikram

Chapters (Clickable):
(0:00) Intro
(0:35) Hepatitis B virus Transmission
(1:48) Symptoms of Acute Hepatitis B infection
(3:46) Subclinical Hepatitis
(5:06) Symptoms of Chronic Hepatitis B infection
(6:44) Hep B Serology Interpretation Made Easy
(15:53) Other Investigations
(16:36) Treatment of Acute Hepatitis B Virus
(18:02) HBeAg Positive Treatment Algorithm
(20:43) HBeAg Negative Treatment Algorithm
(22:47) Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment
(23:16) Contraindications & Adverse effects of Interferons
(23:45) Nucleoside/Nucleotide Analogs
(24:42) Co-infection with HIV
(25:20) Summary


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