Hemifacial Spasm Treatment by Botox. अगर मुझे मालूम होता तो.....

Hemifacial spasm treatment by botox is one of the few ways which is popular. But is it the right way?In this video, a patient describes her experience with botox and her treatment of hemifacial spasm. She shares this with Dr Jaydev Panchwagh, who is one of the most experienced neurosurgeons in MVD surgery for Hemifacial spasm treatment.
Dr Jaydev Panchwagh is a world-renowned neurosurgeon based in Pune, India. He has many national and international patients (from USA, Mauritius, Middle East, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kenya, Nigeria), who come to him for treatment of both Trigeminal neuralgia and Hemifacial spasm, among others like brain tumors, brain aneurysms and spine surgery.
He is director of the Advanced Brain and Spine surgery Centre, Pune. He is also founder member of Synapse Brain and Spine Foundation, India.
This film is uploaded by synapse brain and spine foundation for students, science enthusiasts and patients for education purpose.
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