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Welcome to my channel! In this video, I will be sharing my culinary adventure as I teach you how to make two delicious homecooked meals that are perfect for foodies and those interested in healthy eating. Learn how to make Masoor Dal, a tasty red lentil curry that's vegetarian-friendly, and discover my tips for cooking rice perfectly every time. Aka Pakistani Dal Chawal. Join me as I share my experience of moving to a new home (in KL Malaysia).I hope my video inspires you to add a little more magic to your everyday life. With easy-to-follow kitchen tips and culinary skills, you can become your own chef and elevate your meals to a new level. Don't forget to leave your comments and questions below and subscribe.
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0:00 - Welcome to my new home!
0:13 - Enjoy a peaceful morning scene and chat with the birds
1:24 - Take a tour of my cozy living room
1:43 - Learn how to prepare a delicious breakfast
4:48 - Watch my kids have fun on the playground
6:05 - Discover how to make a vegetarian-friendly Masoor Dal recipe (red lentil curry)
6:52 - Learn my secrets for boiling rice perfectly every time
8:46 - Join my family for a heartwarming mealtime

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