Healthy Toddler; Baby Soup/ Stew Recipe || + 1 Above || Healthy Children;Toddler; Baby Food Recipe.

Creating healthy food recipes is one of the things i love to do to always comes up with something special recipe or food, so today recipe is common recipe but specially prepared today, how to make Vegetables Broth at home for your dishes like soups, gravies and sauces. | Healthy Homemade Vegetable soups recipe | healthy babies; children; kids; toddlers soups/ stew recipe , gravies for babies; toddles; sauces, and i hope it will inspired you to try it after watching || Healthy,Simple 'easy, flavorful and yummy.


* Chicken (boneless)
* Beans(cooked) any kind is ok
*Red & yellow bell pepper
* Onion
* Garlic
* Ginger
* Tomatoes
* Asparagus
* Carrot

Note- Feel free to adjust everything to your taste/ desire, thanks.

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