Healthy Recipe For Strong Bones,Lacks of Calcium & Vitamin D ഇനി tension ഇല്ല

Healthy Recipe For Strong Bones, Lacks of Calcium & Vitamin D ഇനി tension ഇല്ല

Ingredients :

sesame seeds 50g
Badam 50g
Peanut 50g
Sunflower seeds 50g
Pumpkin seed 50g
Flaxseed 50g

A Healthy Energy Drink Recipe For Stronger Bones Lack of Blood, Calcium & Vitamin D deficiency

A Healthy Energy Drink Recipe For Stronger Bones Lack of Blood, Calcium & Vitamin D deficiency

Today going share A healthy recipe which is very energetic -suffocation, waist, lack of blood, calcium, you will get full health Energy,healthy recipe, energy milk drink for immunity booster Equally healthy for men and women Recipe for Weak Bones, lack of blood, Calcium & Vitamin D Deficiency it's can be use in summer and winter both A Healthy recipe with nuts, oats edibles gum with milkso take this milk daily till 15 days you will become healthy and more young it's my own experienced remedy

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