HEALTHY MEAL PREP For My Family! Nutritarian Diet WFPB

Hey everyone! Today I am doing another meal prep video but this time I am home visiting my family so I am meal prepping for my family of 4! I made a huge salad that we can all share for a few days with tons of lettuce, kale, cabbage, chickpeas, bell pepper onion and radish. I also made some lentils which i will make into lentil burgers, and I made some lentil corn chowder in my instant pot! The greens i washed will be mostly used in green smoothies. I eat a mostly whole foods plant based diet/ nutritarian diet. My mom is trying out the nutritarian diet and I am coahching her on her weight loss journey, so I wanted to do this meal prep so she stays on track eating her salads and healthy meals!

lentil soup recipe will be up soon!

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