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Vegan Meal Prep that’s High Protein Vegan Recipes that are Easy for Beginners. Healthy Meal Prep for Plant Based Vegans and Vegetarians that are all easy Plant Based Recipes. I Meal Prep every week new Vegan Recipes, I love batch cooking Healthy Recipes for the week for the fridge and freezer. I love Healthy Vegan Food that is Yummy & Delicious and ready to eat.
00:00 Vegan Meal Prep Intro
01:50 Over night Oats
05:44 Fava Greek dip
09:38 Zucchini Fritters - Courgette Balls
13:57 Tofu & Veggie Kebabs
15:48 Tofu Vegetable Fried Rice
Today’s Plant Based Meal Prep Video has super handy Vegan Breakfast Prep, Handy Vegan Snacks, High Protein Vegan Dip, and Two Vegan Dinner recipes that are Ideal Summer Recipes perfect For Vegan Lunches or Light Dinners. I find Meal Prep the secret to successfully being a Plant Based Vegan following a healthy vegan Plant Based Diet, keeping in shape and successful Plant Based weight loss or Vegan weight loss recipes.
Lives get busy so Vegan Meal Prep allows us to eat healthily all week long, having Vegan Dinner Recipes frozen ready to heat as well as High Protein Vegan Snacks is healthier and much cheaper than lots of convenience foods and full of so much nutrition and vegan protein too.
In Today’s Vegan Meal Prep Cooking Show I Am Sharing two vegan breakfasts of overnight oats, soaked oats, I love oat recipes and oats for breakfast, it’s the perfect way to start a healthy day, and great for vegan weight loss as they are great at keeping you full till lunch, I pre make overnight oats for the week in jars that make fabulous grab and go breakfasts that are very healthy. I am making fruit over night oats and chocolate oats, all vegan recipe ingredients are on the screen to photo to remember each new healthy recipe and all recipes are recipes for beginner vegans with lots of nutrition tips and budget tips too.
High protein vegan dip that is a Greek recipe called Fava it is a yellow split pea recipe, very high in vegan protein and fabulously delicious & best of all its an easy vegan recipe with very few ingredients. Ideal plant based recipe as a vegan snack or in wraps, salads, we love it with Greek pita bread as a vegan Greek meze, a fabulous high protein vegan snack that vegetarians will love.
Next a Zucchini Recipe as its summer and I love seasonal recipes, this Greek recipe I have veganised is called Courgette Balls or Zucchini Fritters, these are a high protein vegan snack that are very delicious & authentic in taste to the traditional Greek recipe. This zucchini recipe is fabulous im sure you will love this vegan recipe. Very nutritious & gluten free, oil free when you air fry these lovely courgette balls. Made with cashew cheese & chickpea protein for added plant based protein, making them a high protein vegan snack and WFPB. We eat these as a plant based snack as part of a Vegan Greek Meze.
Tofu Veggie kebab Skewers are the next summer recipe for a vegan lunch or light dinner. These are high protein with delicious tofu and very nutritious with rainbow veg and can be oil free too. Vegan Souvlaki is a veggie recipe with Thai flavor tofu, they are ideal for summer BBQ’s and are a lovely summer recipe. I love Tofu recipes, I love the texture, this is a very simple recipe for beginner vegans.
Tofu Vegetable Fried Rice is the next vegan recipe in this months Healthy Meal Prep video, I batch make this rice and fridge and freezer lots for easy vegan dinners in the week, ideal vegetarian dinner recipe too. Quick to batch and meal prep, and very little oil needed as we are using the rice cooker and air fryer. This Plant based dinner is high in protein and rainbow veg nutrition.
All of todays Plant Based recipes in my Vegan Meal Prep video are prepped in 30minutes to an hour. In 3 hours your whole week of vegan recipes can be Meal prepped ready for easy vegan dinners, breakfast and lunches ideal for plant based weightloss and following and nutritious plant based diet. I only love delicious food, you will find all my recipes are very Yummy Vegan recipes and always moreish too. I make Vegan Meal Prep video s every month with new seasonal recipes ideal for that month and to make your vegan lifestyle of plant based life style easier and healthier. All of todays recipes would support a plant based weightloss journey, todays vegan recipes are cheap, budget friendly and high in plant based protein ideal for vegan body building and high protein diets.

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