Healthy Habits For Getting Lean | Not What You Think

Losing body fat, getting lean and building muscle can seem complex. We have all faced the idea that certain foods must be avoided, and suffering or lack of enjoying is a part of a successful approach.

Let me explain why you should enjoy your foods, you should not avoid sugar, alcohol or things that keep you satisfied during your journey but instead learn to include them.

Have you heard of the McDonalds diet? I am sure the moment you heard that you cringed and rightfully so but look a bit deeper.

Fat loss and improving body composition is not just about the physical, it'a also about the mental and our mental health is not something we tend to focus on when the goal is six pack abs. If you want those six pack abs it's best to approach fat loss in a manner that allows you to enjoy the process or it won't last.

You want to lose that stubborn lower back fat, you want to lose that lower abdomen or lower belly fat, then you need to be able to sustain a diet and approach long enough to see those results.

These are some of the healthy habits that helped me get to 10% body fat and even lower. They can help you as well.
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