Healthy GROCERY Haul for My Family (Food Has Gotten SO EXPENSIVE!)

Today I’m sharing a health food store grocery haul. I show you all of my go-to items and those I love to stock my fridge and pantry with.

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Haul
0:47 - Almond milk
1:08 - Chicken breast fillets
1:27 - Oat creamer
2:09 - Pizza sauce & dough
3:14 - Kimchi
3:35 - Greens
4:10 - Carrots
4:27 - Broccoli
4:42 - Yams
5:26 - Rotisserie chicken
6:15 - Pepperoni
6:37 - Cheddar cheese
6:43 - Baking chocolate
6:53 - Butter
7:03 - Yogurt
7:11 - Mozerella
7:53 - Ginger
8:16 - Hair mask
8:35 - Herbal coffee
9:22 - Ketchup & mustard
10:27 - Pasta & bread
11:46 - Dried coconut
12:12 - Frozen green beans
12:29 - Eggs
12:38 - Tuna
12:56 - Chicken
13:19 - Beef liver
13:55 - Olives
14:13 - Fruit
15:07 - Sourdough
15:17 - Outro

Homestead bakery – https://bit.ly/3JIAMSn
Vanilla nut coffee alternative: https://amzn.to/3dmu4oY
Good Food organic sugar free ketchup: https://amzn.to/3JK1utD
Baby HealthNut Cookbook: https://bit.ly/3GiFxP5
Nicoise Salad from the blog: http://bit.ly/2CgDuPc
Grocery haul playlist: https://bit.ly/3SJ0hHl

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