Healthy food stuff shopping haul review// ASDA grocery haul by Tellasis.1 October 2022

Healthy food stuff shopping haul review. ASDA grocery haul review where I reviewed basic food stuffs and how much I saved shopping quality food stuffs in an affordable price to help you make an informed decision on the best place to shop following the massive inflation growth.

Knowing how much I saved in healthy food stuff groceries haul will give you a clear insight of things that is best buy from either ASDA, Tesco and/or Iceland following the rising inflation to help you save cost while shopping because food stuff is something we spend money on daily and the prices is highly affected by the inflation. Therefore having options were to buy considering quality and quantity is highly important.

So in this healthy food stuff grocery review I will review my shopping bag from Tesco,
- How much I bought the food groceries or products,
- Their Quality in terms of organic and non organic including shelf life,
- How much I saved and
- why I found out shopping at Iceland and their organic foods.

The food stuffs reviewed includes:- Orange juice, Cucumber, banana, plum, Tomatoes, Spinach, Aveeno baby daily care etc

Here is the product links of all groceries/products in this video including other links you may need:-
Tropicana Orange juice -
Extra Virgin oil -
Organic Eggs -
Asparagus -
Tender stem broccoli -
Carrots -
Fresh milk -
Aveeno baby daily care wash -
Banana -
Baby spinach -

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