Healthy food for kids| Manchurian recipe with no maida, no fry|Ragi recipe for kids|Jain Manchurian

Healthy food for kids| Manchurian recipe with no maida, no fry|Ragi recipe for kids|Jain Manchurian

Thank you for watching our video on Mexican Rice Casserole. If you have missed it click on link below

In this video we are making Jain Manchurian with no maida, no cornflour by not frying it.

Do you want to give your kids healthy food but the also the one that are trending and that they like. My channel is perfect place to find trending recipe but in healthy way.
They taste exactly like resturant Manchurian. You will not able to make out which one is fried and which is not.

This is simple 3 steps process

Chopping veggies
Vegetables are most important in Manchurian. As it is said More the merrier.

Making dough
Avoid maida and use ragi and rice flour for binding and mix it with some spice and sauces to give it yummier taste.

Making gravy
Most simple process of all.Mix veggie and spices. And water and water thickner.

And thus our healthy tasty Manchurian are ready. This are Jain Manchurian with no garlic and no ginger in it.

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