Healthy Diet Plan with Food Groups Portions Control

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This is the easiest way you can "MAKE YOUR OWN EATING PLAN" because by using this information you won't have to deal with numbers or a calculator to know if you're on the right track. Proper nutrition is a lifestyle and not a project, so this is the approach you need.
Right bellow I’m giving to you a couple of portions of some popular foods so you can start using this new approach.

Rice, brown, long-grain, cooked 4 serving spoons 4.9oz 139.3g
Potato, white, cooked 1 large unit 9.5oz 268.9g
Green Beans, cooked 14 and ½ full tablespoons 10.2oz 288g
Apple 1 unit 4.2oz 118.4g
Broccoli, cooked 7 tablespoons 2.6oz 72.7g

MEATS & EGGS (Group 2)
Beef, lean, trimmed, cooked 1 medium slice 3.1oz 87.5g
Chicken and Fowl, breast, grilled 1 medium fillet 3.2oz 90g
Egg, boiled, scrambled, omelet 4 units 7.6oz 216.5g
Whey protein 3 and ½ full tablespoons 1.3oz 38.0g

Note: For now, you can use the same portions for another types of vegetables, beans, meats, etc.

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