Healthy Diet Guide & Good Eating Habit Tips for 12 to 16 months baby || Baby Diet Guide (In Hindi)

Now your tiny little bundle of joy is one year. I am sure you have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful journey with your baby:) 

You have watched as your baby grows from first smiles to first steps.

By now, your baby is ready to enjoy a variety of family foods.

Feeding a toddler can be a challenge sometimes.

They can suddenly start refusing their favorite food or may take fancy to something completely unlikely.

Your baby who was eating like a dream might turn into a fussy eater overnight.

Now is the time to allow her the freedom to feed herself by offering finger foods

now it's time to introduce a whole lot of healthy diet variety in different forms so that baby can enjoy as well as experience food.

let's know today everything about healthy diet with good eating habit tips for 12 to 16 months baby's better growth and development.


Key Moments:

00:00 - Introduction
02:40 - What kind of Food should you give to 12 to 16 months baby ?
04:30 - How to Introduce cow Milk to baby ?
06:00 - Should your 12 to 16 Months old feed Him/Herself
07:14 - What are the Finger foods you can give to your baby ?
08:05 - How to Encourage your toddler ?
10:20 - How many meals for 12 to 16 months baby ?
11:40 - How much quantity for 12 to 16 months baby ?
12:30 - Takeaway/Conclusion

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Stay Safe & Stay Healthy !!

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