Healthy Chocolate Cake No Added Sugar | Easy Recipe!

Easy chocolate cake no added sugar recipe?
Yes, please! This quick and easy chocolate cake recipe has less sugar so it’s healthier and more nutritious!

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Today it's all about teaching you my favorite chocolate cake no added sugar recipe. So good, so delicious. And yes, high fiber, got some protein in it, and it is just so scrumptious, you're going to love it. I call this my Chocolate Jubilee cake. But many times we will post it as the chocolate cake no sugar added.

How To Make The Chocolate Cake No Sugar Added Recipe

There are quite a lot of different ingredients to prepare for this chocolate cake recipe. So once you do the preparation, which is the shredding and the cutting, you're going to have an easy time making this recipe. So what we're going to do is we're going to first mix together our dry ingredients. I'm going to mix in one and two thirds cup of flour. I really love to use spelt flour just so flavorful has a little bit of a sweet hint to it. Other flours would be good as well, especially kamut. You could use hard white, you could even sprinkle in some amaranth, some millet and all kinds of delicious things.

To this we're going to add three teaspoons of baking soda and that may seem like a lot but when we do the fresh milling our cakes don't always rise as high and as light as if we do use white flour so we need to use a little bit extra leavening.

Now I have some salt mixed in with my baking powder. My baking powder is one teaspoon and then I put in a half a teaspoon of salt mix together. To this I'm also going to go ahead and add our cocoa powder, three tablespoons, and this will be our dry ingredients. I really want them thoroughly mixed. You do not want chunks of baking soda or baking powder in your cooked food in your baked goods because it will taste horrible.

Now for the next step, we're going to go ahead and combine the mixture right in just take dump it right into our flour ingredients or flour mixture. I hope you have a good food processor for this recipe. Otherwise, if I had to do this by hand, I would not make this recipe. I really just want the creaminess of these mixed fruits. We'll mix this all in and then we're going to go ahead and start adding in our finely sliced zucchini, carrots and beets. Mix this all in. We're gonna go ahead and add our vanilla, two teaspoons of vanilla. We have half a cup of coconut now, remember I've already added in a fourth a cup of liquid because of the cherries. So now I'm just going to add in one cup of liquid yum, yum, yum, total yum. I just kind of cleaned out our food processor a little bit and got those leftovers that creaminess put in our carrots and our zucchini and our beets there we go and then we will add in our nuts.

This is like eating a salad and a cake now once it bakes, you're not going to see those vegetables hardly at all. In fact, unless people are just very sensitive to those flavors. I don't even know they're going to be in there. They're not going to recognize them. And then we're going to add our nuts. I'm using walnuts today. Typically I use pecans because they're my favorite. But you know what, sometimes it's fun to change it up.

I really hope you enjoy this cake. I look forward to reading your comments down below.
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