Health & its Significance - Part 2 * Pathogens - types , transmission , diseases & their pathogens*

A pathogen is a microorganism that causes a disease. It is also called as the infectious agent. It is transmitted from one to another and hence it causes transmissible diseases . The pathogens can be transmitted in different ways, mainly categorized under two headings - direct contact transmission and
indirect contact transmission . The pathogens have a simple life cycle infecting a host , reproducing there or replicating there and then spreading the infection to other organisms . For this purpose, they have adaptations that may be structural as well as functional . The main categories of pathogens are Bacteria , Viruses , Fungi and Parasites . Transmission through direct contact may be in form of - person to person contact, droplets spread, where as indirect contact may be - airborne , through contaminated objects , through food and drink drinking water , through animal to person contact , through animal reservoirs , through insect bites which are vector bone and through environmental reservoirs . The description of all these points are explained in the video.
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