Body health can be maintained properly if we run a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, carelessness and small mistakes lead to illness or uncomfortable conditions, including the mouth. Like other parts of the body, oral hygiene also needs to be maintained properly in order to minimize the occurrence of dental and oral diseases.
To get information about dental and oral diseases, including types of diseases, causes, and how to treat them, Qoala will share this one article. Which also provides a solution to protect against risks that occur in the mouth, namely by choosing the right health insurance.
You can get a diagnosis of dental and oral disease when you visit a dentist. However, have you ever found out what types or types of dental and oral diseases that often occur or are suffered by humans from children to adults?
Basically, there are various types of dental and oral diseases that of course you should know. That way, you will be more aware of the importance of maintaining the health of this one part of the body. The types of these diseases include the following:

1. Glossitis
Ever heard of this term? Glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue. Inflammation not only occurs in the gums, but also in the tongue. Inflammation of the tongue can trigger respiratory obstruction as the tongue swells up.

There are several causes of this one dental and oral disease, namely:
Allergic reactions to irritants such as certain foods or drugs
Oral trauma due to injury

Dry mouth
Iron deficiency
Certain diseases
2. Gingivitis
Another dental and oral disease is gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums. This can happen because the mouth is not clean or it could be due to the buildup of tartar.

Infection occurs in the gums due to the large number of bacteria in the tartar. If you don't get proper treatment, this condition can get worse and more serious. It is not impossible that it will cause other diseases related to dental and oral health.

Here are some things that can increase the risk of developing gingivitis:
-Smoking hobby
-Brushing teeth too hard and rough
- Lack of vitamin intake
-Rarely cleaning teeth
-Use of a toothbrush that doesn't fit the contours of the mouth
-Use of dentures
-Having diabetes mellitus
- Abnormal hormone cycle
-Consumption of certain drugs

3. Gum abscess
Gum abscess is a type of dental and oral disease that you should not ignore. That's why you should immediately check this one condition to the nearest dentist, especially if you have health insurance that provides dental care benefits.
This health condition is characterized by festering gums. Pus that comes out of the gums looks thick yellow or white liquid slightly yellow. In some cases, the pus is even brownish yellow. The cause is bacteria in the mouth which then causes inflammation or inflammation.

The inflammation triggers the formation of a tooth abscess so that infection occurs and spreads throughout the gums. Not only that, this condition can also have an impact on the collection of pus in the gums.
So, don't think about letting it go up to a. Instead, treat it immediately and follow all the dentist's advice so that it can heal quickly and prevent it from happening in the future.

4 Hypersensitive Teeth Not a few people who complain of sensitive teeth Hypersensitivity teeth is one type of dental disease that must be wary of You can feel the symptoms with pain in the teeth Usually the disease occurs in the elderly naturally due to gingival recession or gum recession

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