Heal Your Gut with Dr Will Bulsiewicz

I’ve spoken to 1000s of people about nutritional medicine in clinic. In most part, people who optimise their plates to contain more fibre, mostly plants and variety tend to thrive. They feel better, lighter, happier and in many cases it sparks a new zest for life. The trick is helping people maintain a habit of eating well consistently (which by the way is why I developed my app).

But for the minority, the opposite is true. Whatever healthy items they include in their diet … their body reacts negatively. And it can set them up for a life of restriction, anxiety around eating a diverse collection of ingredients and a digestive system that is intolerant to many foods.

If this is you. You’re not alone. And there are solutions. It doesn’t require a barrage of investigations, intolerance tests and supplements but it does require motivation and persistence.

My guest today is Dr. Will Bulsiewicz (or "Dr. B") a gastroenterologist and the New York Times-bestselling author of Fiber Fueled and The Fiber Fueled Cookbook. He sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of ZOE, has authored more than twenty articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and you’ll find him on social media as the @theguthealthmd and his website theplantfedgut.com.

This is a long episode so for those of you who want the TLDR here it is.

Fibre is super important
It has connections with immune health, mental health, cognition, heart health and inflammation.
Everyones gut is unique and the a diverse diet with mostly plants is a great starting point.

However … many people have gut microbe imbalances that prevent them from eating a diversity of foods and particularly foods with high amounts of fibre that are paradoxically great for the gut.

If this happens to be you, a strategy for improving your guts adaptability and ultimately creating a flexible eating method that allows you to eat tons of food is to:

Keep a food diary
Rule out other causes such as gallbladder dysfunction or constipation
Restrict, Observe and Reintroduce
Consider the wider impacts of lifestyle on your gut


00:00 - Understanding Patients
20:08 - Fibre 101
39:48 - Diversifying your diet
50:50 - Train your gut
1:19:47 - G.R.O.W: A deep dive
1:40:02 - The complexity of histamine

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