Har Bimari Sy Nijat /100% cure from all diseases /Pani Par Dam Or Har Bemari Sy Shifa.

Assalam O Alaikum !!!
Aj ki is video main hum ap ko btayn gy 100% cure from all diseases | Pani Par Dam Or Har Bemari Sy Shifa | Har Bimari Sy Nijat
Har Bimari Sy Nijat /100% cure from all diseases /Pani Par Dam Or Har Bemari Sy Shifa.
it is stated that Hazrat Ibn Masood (RA) says. That once came to the service of the Holy Prophet. I saw that you are suffering from fever. I touched the Holy Prophet and he said ... O Messenger of Allah, you have a very high fever. So you answered ... Yes.. I have a fever equal to two men. So Ibn Masood (may Allah be pleased with him) says ... That i submitted O Messenger of Allah, are there two rewards for you? So he said ... No doubt... When a Muslim is sick ... So his sins fall from him like the leaves fall from a tree in autumn.
Remember that whatever disease comes upon a person in the world. Or trouble comes ... It has already been written in his destiny. And this disease comes from Allah. And it is written of destiny ...
However, the beloved Prophet of Allah has taught his ummah various prayers ... And it has been taught that one should seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty with these prayers ... And in the supplications of the Prophet of Allah, Allah, the Lord of Glory, has had a great effect. And he said about prayer ... That prayer has such power ... That it can also change destiny ...
There is great power in the word of Allah and in the prayers of the Holy Prophet. This is the benefit of breathing on water. It was mentioned in a video a long time ago. And the benefit that our loved ones got from this scholarship ... Some of these incidents are also described in detail in this video.
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NABi SAW Ka Farman About Bimari || Shifa Wala Pani || Har Lailaj Bimari Sy Shifa Ka Amal
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