Grow PEAS like a PRO: The Ultimate Guide

If you love fresh peas but aren't sure how to grow them successfully, this video is for you. I share my best tips and tricks to help you get the best possible harvest of fresh, delicious peas.

In this all-inclusive guide, you'll learn how to choose the right seeds, prepare your soil, and care for your plants from seedlings to maturity. With advice on harvesting and storing your peas, you'll enjoy a bumper crop that will keep you stocked with fresh, healthy vegetables all season long.

Introduction 00:00
Why grow your own peas 00:39
Pea varieties explained 01:00
When to plant peas 02:04
How to plant peas 02:41
Where to plant peas 03:43
Give peas something to climb 04:03
How to care for peas 04:21
Pea diseases 05:11
Pea harvesting tips 05:53
End-of-season tips 06:36
Pea storage tips 07:18

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