GP Training Essentials 2023: How to Get into GP Training - Eligibility, F2 Competences, MSRA, FAQs

This video covers the process to get into GP training in the UK in 2023, and addresses common queries about eligibility, MSRA and how to prepare for it, and key changes for 2023

Links mentioned in the video:

Article with links for CREST, ORIEL etc. https://www.emedica.co.uk/applygp
GP Training Support Blog https://www.gptraining.info
Getting into GP Training Step by Step course: https://www.emedica.co.uk/gp
Emedica MSRA question bank: https://www.emedica.co.uk/s2
2 day MSRA Crammer course + online questions bundle: https://www.emedica.co.uk/sra
Clinical Case Cards: https://www.emedica.co.uk/casecards
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