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If we ask today’s generation, what are the most valuable vitamin trees in our country, they would be speechless. But if we ask the same question from our grandparents and mother they will give beautiful examples like palu,weera, eggfruit. When I was small there was a huge Eggfruit tree in my grandma's yard. By the time the fruit ripens, not only the top of the tree but the ground is also yellow. The smell of the fruit also covered the entire place. My Great Uncle, two older brothers, and younger brother, and I run under a fruit trees as soon as we eat rice. There were lots of fruit trees growing around my grandmother's house they produce fruits according to the season . At that time my mother did not give us any vitamins except a cod liver. Luckily in our home garden, there were enough village fruits for all of us to eat.

The huge Eggfruit tree I am talking about is no more. but there are some small trees nearby. The Eggfruit smell comes from time to time near the window of the room duirng eggfruit sesaon. I don't need to know the direction to go to the Eggfruit tree once the Eggfruit ripens, the smell will direct near to the tree. The tree is full of eggfruit. Once Eggfruits are ripened, fruits never remain in the tree, they fall off the tree.

Clean the ripened Eggfruits and chop them, then add Onion, curry leaves, cinnamon, pandan leaves, turmeric powder, curry powder, salt, and temper it.

The tree is full of Eggfruits " We are not naughty children to pluck it all" so we came home...
I got tired of lifting the basket full of Eggfruits and became very thirsty. During the eggfruit season, we used to make Eggfruit milk often at home.

We made a glass of juice with ripened Eggfruits, adding fresh cow milk, Vanilla, and Kittul Treacle. Also added yesterday's leftover jelly for topping. Eggfruit milkshake will be very tasty once you add little sabja seeds.

Chopped eggfruit for dhal curry and sliced eggfruits to prepare a fry adding an egg, beans, and long beans. The Eggfruit is sweet like sweet potato, after adding chillie pieces my self and Dad can enjoy lunch and can eat a plate of rice.
Prepared the Eggfruit dhal and tempered it, anyhow for the 361st time my Father thought the dish was prepared with Dhal...

Three or four days passed but I couldn't save an eggfruit to make a dish, because Dad and I ate riped Eggfruits. I felt lasy to go again and pluck eggfruits form the tree.One Eggfurit remaining in the busket, so the idea is to make something out of it.

Added Fresh Milk, Condensed Milk with basil Seeds,from the woods below I plucked Bish Plant and added that juice because it adds a nice purple hue.Mix Corn Flour with Custard Powder ,and then add Egg Fruit again with Fresh Cow milk ,blending well into a smooth cream. With this cream add Cardamon,Cinnamon powder. Pour this mixture on to the boiling Fresh cow milk and stir it. once the mixture is mould remove from the heat pour into a dish and decorate with Cashew nuts, pomegranate seeds , mango slices and grapes.

It doesn't matter if mom and dad have no tea to drink in the evening but there should be a dish to taste and eat ...
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