God Disease - Apocalyptic Doom (Full Album 2023)

God Disease emerged from the bleakness of wintry Helsinki, Finland in 2013. With a more death-metal oriented approach, the band released their first two demo EP's between 2014 and 2015. For the third release their sound slowly shifts towards a more oriented death/doom approach. In 2019 comes out the debut full length on German label F.D.A. Records, establishing a name for themselves in the Finish Underground scene.
After the debut album comes a new EP where they fully embrace the haunting and obscure doom soundscapes which now places God Disease among the most well accomplished underground acts to drift upon the shores of authentic, pure, heavy and crushing doom-metal.

Now the journey proceeds and the new album “Apocalyptic Doom” will surely leave a strong mark on the band's career, setting the pace for a journey into the most obscure and intense sounds of the doom genre.
God Disease
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goddisease
Bandcamp: https://goddiseasofficial.bandcamp.com
Gruesome Records
Site: https://gruesomerecords.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GruesomeRecords
Bandcamp: https://gruesomerecords.bandcamp.com
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Album Credits:
Music by God Disease
Lyrics and arrangements by Ilkka Laaksonen
Mixed by Olli Nokkala at Studio Kolotila
Mastered at Trollhorn Music by Henri Sorvali
Guitars by Are Kangus & Samantha Schuldiner
Additional Vocals by Alexandra Wikström
Cover art by Nuno Zuki (Belial Nercoarts)
Ashes 00:00
Built by Dead Hands 05:37
Remembrance 11:45
Leper by the Grace of God 20:14
Futile Effort to Breathe 24:44
Serenity Abandoned 31:59
Ilkka Laaksonen (Vocals)
Henry Randström (Bass)
Mika Elola (Drums)
“Abyss Cathedral” EP (2014) – Cycle Of Horror Productions
“Doom Howler” EP (2015) - Cycle Of Horror Productions
“Doom Howler / Abyss Cathedral” Compilation (2015) - South From Here Records
“Rebirth of Horror” EP (2016) – Self-released
“Drifting Towards Inevitable Death” Album (2019) – F.D.A. Records
“Hymns for Human Extinction” (2019) - The Other Records
“Apocalyptic Doom” Album (2023) – Gruesome Records

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