glove machine,nitrile latex glove making machine, examination medical gloves production machine

#glove machine,nitrile latex glove making machine, examination medical gloves production machine

Nitrile glove machine or latex glove machine, also called nitrile glove making machine, disposable nitrile gloves and disposable latex gloves can be produced. This kind of glove-making machine can produce inspection nitrile gloves, medical latex gloves and latex surgical gloves.
The nitrile/latex glove manufacturing process includes

1. Raw materials such as zinc oxide, sulfur, antioxidant and accelerator are ground according to the corresponding proportion and added to nitrile latex for vulcanization preparation. The vulcanized nitrile latex is fully stirred and transported to the material tank of the production line through a diaphragm pump.
2. After the coagulant and PU coating raw materials are configured in the corresponding raw material preparation tank, they are transported to the production line through the diaphragm pump.
3. Ceramic hand molds are evenly hung on the chain of the production line. After the hand molds are soaked with coagulant and latex, the gloves are formed on the hand molds
4. After the gloves on the hand mold are preliminarily dried in the drying oven, they are soaked in the leaching tank to remove foreign matters and peculiar smell.
5. After the gloves are preliminarily dried, the powder free process and crimping process of the gloves shall be carried out to make the gloves smooth and convenient to wear.
6. After the crimping process is completed, the gloves enter the main oven and stay in the oven for about 30 minutes to dry and dry the gloves thoroughly.
7. After coming out of the main oven, cool the gloves, soak them in hot water again, and enter the finished product oven after removing the peculiar smell.
8. After coming out of the finished product oven, it shall be cooled naturally, and then demoulded, counted, packaged and warehoused.

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