getting my life together! cleaning my room, pilates, shopping for workout clothes & healthy cooking

for 65% off with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code MAIPHAM65 at https://bit.ly/3D58O0R in this vlog I sign up for workout classes like pilates, basketball and spin class. then I end up at the mall shopping for new workout sets and clothes to motivate me, and end the night with cooking a healthy meal and cleaning my room!

⇢ clothing line: https://www.alchemai.la
⇢ instagram: @maiphammy
⇢ private instagram: @maispammy
⇢ pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/maiphammy
⇢ join my discord: https://discord.gg/maipham
⇢ tiktok: @maiphammy
⇢ snapchat: @maiphammy
⇢ business email: [email protected]

⇢ Q: how old are you? 20

⇢ Q: where do you live? NYC (originally from Canada)

⇢ Q: how do you edit your videos? editing by: @pinefolio | graphics/transitions by: @kayliswrld

⇢ Q: what is your ethnicity? A: Vietnamese

⇢ Q: what's your intro/outro song? A: Hex - 80purppp

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Healthy food
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