Gent's Talk podcast - Ep. 35: Dieting, Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Habits with Miranda Galati

In this week's episode of Gent's Talk, presented by BULOVA Canada, our Gents sit down with nutritionist Miranda Galati to discuss the pros and cons of dieting, the various ways food can impact your health positively and negatively as well as what the research shows about popular dieting practices like Keto, Paleo and others.


About Gent's Talk:
The Gent's Talk series, powered by Gent's Post and presented by BULOVA Canada and supported by Ride Rude, is an episodic podcast/video style conversation with the leading gents and rising stars of industry. Guests on the show thus far include Russell Peters, Jonathan Osorio, Wes Hall, Karl Wolf, Diogo Snow, Nick Bateman, Justin Wu and many more. The conversations range from career, mental health, family, relationships, business, and everything in between. Even more excitingly, Gent's Talk is the first ever podcast in video format to be featured on all Air Canada domestic/international flights. Our intention is to have a raw and unfiltered conversation with our guests about their lives, how they achieved their successes, lessons learned along the way, and the challenges of climbing that mountain.

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Host/Producer: Samir Mourani
Co-Host: Matthew Chapman
Creative Director: Steven Branco
Video & Sound Editor: Roman Lapshin
Video & Sound Technician: Poncho Navarro
Studio: Startwell Studios
A STAMINA Group Production, powered by Gent's Post.
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