Gears Through the Years: A Gears of War Campaign Retrospective

This is a video retrospective and critique of the Gears of War franchise, from its initial trilogy on the Xbox 360 to the latest DLC for Gears 5. The video tries to use a lot of fancy words to get to heart of why these straightforward and simple games are so creatively fascinating. Spoilers throughout.

___Table of Contents___

00:00 Intro
00:14 Gears of War 1 (Ultimate Edition)
30:17 Gears of War 2
52:02 Gears of War 3
1:14:37 Raam's Shadow
1:21:33 Gears of War: Judgement
1:39:33 Gears of War 4
2:11:30 Gears of War 5
2:45:41 Gears Tactics
3:06:35 Hivebusters
3:20:23 Patreon Thanks

This video made with production assistance from Nate Greene.

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