(Full Webinar) How to Make Money In Commercial Real Estate During Inflation

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How do you reliably make money in commercial real estate during this time of inflation? In this full webinar, we discuss the challenges, how to make money, and even how to take advantage of unique opportunities that may present during this time of inflation.

Feel free to browse the topics and timestamps below:

0:00 Introduction
2:00 About the speaker, Steve Peterson
7:37 Seven Major Trends Impacting Market Cycles
23:05 The Real Estate Market Cycle
30:30 Contrarian Timing Strategy
35:16 Momentum Strategy
37:06 Basics of Selling (Real Estate)
44:25 Fundamentals of the Cashflow Model of Investing
46:18 Key Indicators In Evaluating Real Estate Deals
50:06 More Tips on Investing and Timing The Real Estate Market
1:05:08 Question & Answer
1:15:32 How to Contact Steve Peterson / Infinity Investments

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