Fry Has a Parasite | Dark Futurama

The Planet Express crew have they next delivery ready, but before they can go into outer space, Fry must get a medical examination by their trust in house physician, Doctor Zoidberg! This take a hilarious turn when the results come in.

It's been too long since the last Dark Futurama! I hope to release more in the future. Making Futurama videos are a lot more difficult, since there is less material to work with and that means more rotoscoping. Pretty much every Zapp clip i had to change out the background, lots of lip syncing done, when fry gulped as he was being held down, his head was from a completely different clip. Lots of other rotoscoping, too much to list here.

List of Episodes Used (Video + Audio)(24):
Futurama S01E01 - Space Pilot 3000
Futurama S01E02 - The Series Has Landed
Futurama S01E03 - I, Roommate
Futurama S01E07 - My Three Suns
Futurama S01E08 - A Big Piece of Garbage
Futurama S02E01 - A Flight To Remember
Futurama S02E02 - Mars University
Futurama S02E06 - Brannigan Begin Again
Futurama S02E07 - A Head in the Polls
Futurama S02E08 - Xmas Story
Futurama S02E11 - Put your head on my shoulder
Futurama S02E16 - The Deep South
Futurama S02E17 - Bender Gets Made
Futurama S03E01 - War Is The H-Word
Futurama S03E04 - Parasites Lost
Futurama S03E05 - Amazon Women in the Mood
Futurama S04E03 - A Leela of Her Own
Futurama S04E10 - Leela's Homeworld
Futurama S06E01 - Futurama Movie - Benders Big Score (2007)
Futurama S07E02 - In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela
Futurama S07E03 - Attack of the Killer App
Futurama S07E12 - The Mutants Are Revolting
Futurama S08E05 - The Tip of the Zoidberg
Futurama S09E08 - Fun on a Bun
+ Lots of screenshots and photoshop work not mentioned

Thank you and as always, please enjoy!

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