[FREE GUIDE] MSSS-2 HYDRUS: MIGS Success Surgical Secrets Highlight on HYDRUS Microstent Part 3

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In today’s video, the MIGS device featured is the Hydrus Microstent by Alcon. It was engineered to delicately expand the natural width of Schlemm’s canal, allowing for enhanced flow through the eye’s drainage system to help reduce eye pressure. Hydrus Microstent spans approximately 90° within the eye and is indicated for early to moderate glaucoma cases. It is performed in combination with cataract surgery.

***Video Time Stamp:
0:30 Introduction of device
0:46 Introduction of Various Insertion Approaches
0:57 Wiggle Advancement
1:42 Slice Technique
2:16 Pre-Incision Technique
3:15 Confidence Booster - Assessing Flow
5:07 Access to FREE MIGS POST-OP Management Guide

This video is part of Season 2 of a new video series called MIGS Success Surgical Secrets. The series is a solution to help novice and experienced MIGS surgeons understand what not to do in MIGS surgery, learn how to prevent or correct those mistakes and gain must know pointers for MIGS surgical success one step and one MIGS device at a time.

In this video series Dr. Constance Okeke, your host takes the viewer through videos that get to the point with succinct, yet engaging content. For more information on Dr. Constance Okeke, a glaucoma specialist, MIGS expert, speaker, trainer, and author, go to

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