Fourth of July Government Contract Bid Opportunities


Preparing to Validate Your Entity

Why do I need to validate my entity when I've been registered in for years?
What does entity validation do, and what is an Entity Validation Service (EVS)?
What information will I need to provide to get a Unique Entity ID?
What address should I give when I am applying for my Unique Entity ID?
What does “physical address” mean?
What is my “legal business name”?
Should I update my registration now even though my entity is not expiring?

Here is a list of resources to help you through the transition from UEI(DUNS) to UEI(SAM), based on the work you do in You can also find general information about the transition itself in the sections below.

“Registering” means registering an entity to do business with the government on

You must sign up and sign in to your account to use many of the features of, such as saving searches, following records, or viewing standard reports.

You must register your entity (you as an individual or your organization) to be able to bid on contracts or apply for federal assistance (e.g., grants, loans) from the federal government.

The Official U.S. Government System for:
Contract Opportunities
Contract Data
(Reports ONLY from
Wage Determinations
Federal Hierarchy
Departments and Subtiers
Assistance Listings
Entity Information
Entities, Disaster Response Registry, and Exclusions
Entity Reporting
SCR and Bio-Preferred Reporting

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