Foul smelling discharge from vagina. Causes, Symptoms & Treatment-Dr. H S Chandrika| Doctors' Circle

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Foul smelling discharge from vagina, it is one thing that is socially also it will not be nice and patient will also feel bad and it is seen in a very badly infected pelvis but there can be very bad infections like Chlamydia and gonorrhea. So you need not judge yourself depending on the smell of your discharge. So any smell it is recommended you to meet your gynecologist and they can find the cause of it and take care of it because sometimes physiological discharge in excess can also cause this and there is nothing to worry but if it is very much troubling you because of the excessive discharge, then we handle it in a different way. So a foul smelling discharge from vagina is a bad infection of the pelvis. So depending on the smell, and the examination findings the gynecologist will give proper needed treatment. So foul smelling discharge, most of the times it is due to bad vaginal infection.

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