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Hey guys! This is PART 2 of my sale ... PART 3 will post as time permits. Subscribe and click the gray bell to be notified! More vintage goodness coming!! Prices will be beyond reasonable, if they don't meet your budget needs, make an argument/offer!!

YouTube videos only - Not a live sale; Not via my Etsy shop
First come, first get
Payments: Via Paypal only - Invoices will be sent to buyer's email; you don't need a Paypal account to purchase
Invoices must be paid within 24 hours

Buyers send me
--an email with the item(s) you'd like
--your legal name, your mailing address, and a good email for your PP invoice

Keep a writing utencil and paper at hand to keep track of items, prices, and your commitment to purchases as all sales will be final; in other words, don't claim an item unless you can pay for it when invoices are sent. Please and Thank you!

I am not and will not be responsible for post office mishaps, lost or stolen packages, damaged packages, misdelivered packages, packages that say "out for delivery" one day then "awaiting to be scanned" the next day OR other delivery issues!

I ship quickly and accurately; all purchases will receive a tracking number and will ship U.S. Priority Mail unless it qualifies for media mail or retail ground to keep costs down for you and me. Shipping is included in the prices. This sale is open to my international friends as well. We can discuss shipping as I usually take on a chunk of the costs with you ... don't be scared : )

If you see a listing in my Etsy shop and you'd like a discount (if the item is not already discounted), mention you've watched one of my videos here! I'll offer a discount at that time!!

Below is the Item No. w/Book Title or Part of Book Title (watch the video for prices – Shipping is included in prices!! If you order more than one book, add $2 for):
12 – Shakespeare, Blue Book
10 – Animal Life
9 – Special Kids Stuff, Activity Book
6¬ – Furniture Treasury
2 – Sherlock
15 – Shakespeare, Oxford
16 – Origins
13 – Taber’s Med Dictionary
14 – Handbook of Chemistry
11 – English Literature
8 – Red Harvard Classics (several books available)
4 – Gospel in Hymns
1 – Golden Bough, Magic & Religion
18 – The Young Folk (6 books available)
19 – Dictionary of Words
20 – Audubon (4 books available)
3 – Life of the Master
21 – Around the World
22 – Bird Books I, II, III


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