FIX YOUR GUT To Prevent Disease & FIGHT VIRUSES! | Dr. Leo Galland & Mark Hyman

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The amount of information we hear about COVID on a daily basis can be pretty overwhelming. I feel that this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is one of the most important ones I’ve done on this topic because it’s an incredible resource for understanding how to prevent and treat COVID using a comprehensive systems approach. It’s about how to heal on the cellular level. My guest is someone who has had an immense impact on my own health and my career in Functional Medicine.

Dr. Leo Galland is one of the most incredible resources on COVID and long-COVID syndrome. He is a board-certified internist, practicing in New York City, is recognized as a world leader in Functional Medicine, and a pioneer in the study of intestinal permeability and the gut microbiome as they impact immune function and systemic health. Since the onset of the pandemic, Dr. Galland has devoted most of his time to research on COVID-19 and to the education of other health practitioners in understanding the complex biology of the disease. He has created quite a collection of recommendations for the prevention and treatment of COVID, including a series of videos on the long-COVID syndrome, intended for the general public and for health professionals.

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