FitLabPGH Makes Pizza Part of Our Healthy Lifestyle

This month, the FitLabPGH podcast is encouraging you to Eat Real Food. We’re giving you a sneak peek inside the FitLabPGH kitchen and sharing our favorite simple recipes and snacks. Today’s video: FitLabPGH Makes Pizza Part of Our Healthy Lifestyle.

Like many people, we made a sourdough starter early on in the pandemic…and we’ve kept it alive. Our top use of the sourdough starter? As part of sourdough pizza, which has earned a regular spot on our weekly menu. We found the recipe for the pizza dough at – we’ve adapted their Sourdough Pizza Crust recipe a bit to suit our taste. Note: we eat gluten and dairy. Along with shredded mozzarella and shaved parmesan cheese, we top our pizza with homemade baked tomato sauce and homemade meatballs (stay tuned for recipes later this month), then we add whatever we have in the fridge that seems like a good idea…caramelized onions and mushrooms…pesto…a little prosciutto…we’ve even snuck on some cranberry sauce after Thanksgiving. Your only limit is your creativity. We’re not characterizing pizza as “health” food, but it can certainly be part of fueling a healthy, movement-filled lifestyle.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in January, we’ll be bringing you simple snacks and recipes that help us keep moving. We’re not registered dieticians (RDs) or nutritionists; we’re just movers who know that eating “real” food makes us feel better and helps us move more. If you’re looking for specific nutrition advice, we encourage you to consult an RD. All videos are available on our YouTube channel; at; and on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What’s your “Go-To” dinner after an active day? Please share with us in the comments or send a message. Visit for tips, hacks, and podcasts to help you get moving and keep moving throughout the year.
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