First microbe-based treatment made with human feces approved in U.S.

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The world now has the first officially approved treatment for a serious infection made from human feces.
To be more exact, the treatment uses healthy microbes from stool.
Our Cho Sung-min has more.

Our digestive systems contain far more microbes than there are cells in our entire bodies.
90% of these organisms serve instrumental roles activating various bodily functions such as digestion and immune response.
When the gut's condition deteriorates, useful microbes can die, which leads to certain diseases.
These commonly include diarrhea and enteritis, while in more severe cases, the loss of microbes can lead to a fatal bacteria infection called clostridium difficile.

Recently, a bio company in the U.S. received FDA approval for a treatment for this disease using human feces.
The company extracted healthy microbes from feces and made a treatment they claim helps restore the patient's microbial balance.

"Rebiotix is the first company to produce a standardized biologic product that is helpful to treating recurring clostridium difficile infection, which can develop after taking antibiotics. RBX2216 product is a ready-to-use liquid microbial suspension for enema delivery."

While it's the world's first microbe-based treatment to be officially approved, a number of projects are already in the pipeline to develop new biological products using microbes.
A company in Korea has recently finished a clinical trial for a colon cancer treatment made with healthy bacteria.

"This is a strain that shows anti-cancer effects against colon cancer. By testing various strains, we verified that it improves and activates immune cells."

Another local firm is currently developing a microbial treatment for psoriasis.
Industry experts are hopeful that as more companies develop treatments with microbes, they will achieve many medical breakthroughs for incurable diseases.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.

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