Finding joy in an unexpected niche as an NP entering a competitive market

Meet Bradee Aderholt, AGACNP working for a nephrology practice. It's not where she set out to be, and yet she expertly balanced her dream job with work-life goals and found the perfect niche she didn't know she needed.

Helpful advice she shares:
How to engage with mentors when faced with difficult choices.
How to pitch yourself.
Why she favors AGACNP route over other certifications.
What she does and does not like about clinic.

My favorite resources:

The ICU Book by Paul Marino
(A must have. Easy to read, literally cover to cover. Also a life-long reference. Particularly helpful when the nurse calls you for tachycardia - simply flip to that page, it gives you actionable sequence of events with a little bit of pathophys)

The Ventilator Book
(A must have)

Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation
(Deeper understanding, does a good job describing the mechanics and also I love how they break down waveforms)

Mometrix test bank for AGACNP review

Barkley Board review
(Get this before you start school and use it to study as you go along in your course - trust me it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to preparation post graduation)

The opinions shared here are my own and may not reflect those of my employers. This is educational and does not constitute medical advise.
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