Fecal Transplants: Paving the Future for Crohn’s Disease

This video looks at role of the bacteria and other microbes living within the human gut, referred to as the gut microbiome. It also explores how understanding more about them could hold the key to developing new treatment options for individuals with Gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn’s Disease. These individuals often have an altered composition of their gut bacteria. In this video, we talk about a new therapy called Fecal Microbiome Transplants that aims to restore the composition to resemble a healthy microbiome.

This series was created by collaborative efforts of the McMaster students Sara Araz, Jaskaran Benepal, Alyssa Ciampa, and Aarchie Soni within the McMaster Demystifying Medicine Program.

We would like to thank Dr. Nikhil Pai for his valuable contributions to this video and his expert inputs.

Please note these videos are not meant to act as medical information or instruction and are solely for educational purposes. Please consult your health care provider for information about your health.

Copyright McMaster 2023.

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