February Paycheck 1 Budget Breakdown! The Budget Mom Workbook

Hi Friends!

Wow February already huh! Breaking down our budget for our first paycheck this Friday. Excited for the new projects to come!

Welcome if you are new! And to my returning friends welcome so happy to see you back! My name is Kat :) I am 25, married, no kids, do have two fur babies, and live in the beautiful state of Colorado. On my channel I like to upload various content but there are 3 categories you will for sure see consistently on my channel. They are;
Budgeting, Grocery Hauls/Meal Prep, and Workout Motivation! (Hints my youtube name (The Fit(ish) Budgeter)) LOL.

Here are the playlists if you like one over the other :)

Expense Tracking Playlist

Cash Stuffing Playlist

Grocery Haul / Meal Prep /healthy food playlist

Workout Motivation Playlist

To break out of my norm I do sometimes upload planning, cleaning motivation, and videos about my faith! Thank you so much for watching. I look forward to getting to know you all. God Bless!#budgetbreakdown #thebudgetmom
Healthy food
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