FBI Finds 7,000 Scam Nursing Degrees, Utah Bans Transgender Healthcare, & DoTerra Drs Sued

This week in Healthcare Headlines we'll discuss The FBI revealed "Operation Nightingale", an investigation into 7,600 Fake Nursing Degrees that were issued from nursing schools in Florida. Over 2,000 of these nurses were able to pass their NCLEX and become nurses, who are currently working all over the country. But its not just these nurses with scam degrees who are a danger to the public, several doctors and a nurse practitioner have been fined thousands of dollars after encouraging their DoTerra essential oils followers, to treat covid symptoms by ingesting, inhaling, and wearing essential oils. These healthcare providers claimed that DoTerra oils could prevent, but also treat and help alleviate symptoms of the virus. This is illegal, as they have not been shown to do this. Zombie Deer are a thin now. Because of course they are. Utah has decided to ban transgender health care, because they are the villian. And green noise is supposed to help us sleep all of this off.

This article is a great summary of the actual risks and benefits of gender affirming care. I hope you’l read it:


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Increased Mental Health Mortality in Unsupported Transgender Youth:https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32345113/
Utah Voting Resources: https://www.equalityutah.org/legislative-session
Resources for Utah Families: https://utahpridecenter.org/

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