FAST and AGGRESIVE Annual Check Up | Medical Doctor ASMR Roleplay‍⚕️

Hello my quick quails, it's only been 2 weeks, but it's already time for your annual check up, but this time the fast and aggressive edition! In this intense medical doctor soft spoken ASMR roleplay, I'll be giving you a full physical with lots of personal attention, and lots of different triggers and tests!

Included is some deep breathing, latex glove sounds, blood pressure cuff sounds, eye test with eye exams, flashlight triggers, ear test, touching your face, reflex tests, palpating your skin, checking your scalp, and more! It'll be fairly similar to a cranial nerve exam roleplay, but with a few different bits.

I filmed this back when I did the one from two weeks ago, but I'm kind of liking this method of doing a fast and slow version of the same roleplay! Let me know if you guys enjoyed the fast or slow version better!
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