"Eye Of Death" Civil War Episode from 'Friday The 13th: The Series'

From Season Two, Episode 13. First airing February 4, 1989... Another antique dealer and formerly one of Jack's business rivals, Atticus Rook, is time-traveling and getting collectable Civil War artifacts straight from the battlefields. While trying to stop him, Ryan becomes trapped in the past.

In this episode, the cursed Antique is a Civil War Era magic lantern that allows its owner to travel back to the time shown in the slide, requiring a murder for each leg of the trip. In the end, Atticus Rook, materialized inside a solid wall because of a time-travel mishap.

A first-run syndication series from the late 1980s that had nothing to do with the Jason Voorhees series of movies. This episode is pretty silly when it comes to the authenticity, and is super darkly shot, but fun nonetheless.

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