Eye Exam for Sleepy, Tired Eyes

Strained, fatigued, and sore eyes welcome :) this eye examination is dimmed to ease the fatigue with looking at a much brighter video, and the light triggers are sandwiched between eye tracking or the finger wiggle test to give them a little break as well! Years ago, Dmitri of MassageASMR made a fantastic eye exam focusing on tired, sore eyes so that was my main inspo. You can find his video here, it's seriously sublime: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlZOB45SV8A&list=PL1OPyJWm858Jyn_EkJr5rjv1uin1MUvQ3&index=3)

This is mostly based on anecdotal experiences—yours truly has some seriously goofed up eyes, including my own tear chemistry being toxic to my eyes, so I peppered in general home treatments and whatnot with what I was recommended to do by my own ophthalmologist :) this roleplay is just for relaxation & sleep, and I am just an actor on the Internet.

Welcome to Your Eye Exam ~ 00:00 – 00:45
Taking Your Medical History ~ 00:45 – 02:29
Symptom & Lifestyle Questionnaire ~ 02:29 – 05:30
Testing Your Visual Acuity with Snellen Chart ~ 05:30 – 10:58
Examining & Palpating Around Your Eyes ~ 10:58 – 14:29
Follow the Finger for Eye Tracking ~ 14:29 – 17:41
Accommodation Reflex Testing ~ 17:41 – 19:28
Direct/Consensual Response Test with Light ~ 19:28 – 22:08
Peripheral Vision Test (Finger Wiggle Test) ~ 22:08 – 24:35
Fundoscopy with Ophthalmoscope ~ 24:35 – 28:42
Reviewing Results of Eye Exam ~ 28:42 – 29:55
Treatment Options for Your Eye Strain (Little louder BC I'm excited about explaining :/) ~ 29:55 – 39:09
Giving You the Handout with Treatment Info ~ 39:09 – 39:48
Wrapping Up the Exam ~ 39:48 - 41:37

Triggers include: soft speaking, ear to ear whispering, pencil writing, asking you questions, eye examination, eye chart, follow the finger, some light triggers, finger wiggle test, inspecting you, palpation, in and out distance trigger, and rambling.

Hope y'all enjoy, have a whale of a day! :)

xx Calliope

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